Looking at the SONA through its different audiences

Source: Looking at the SONA through its different audiences


One of the Biggest Fears of Duterte Exposed! But What is it?


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Why did President Duterte all of a sudden make a 180° turnaround regarding our territorial issue. Just yesterday he told the military to occupy West Philippines Sea islands.


All these times, he has been defending China, instead of Philippine interest, with regards to our territorial issues, the most recent being the Benham Rise issue. So why the sudden change in his position? The answer is the surveys. This order of his came just a day after the latest survey came out where his rating dropped 7% and 15% down from the first survey on July last year:


Fifteen percent in less than a year is no joke because if this trend continue, his rating will be significantly lower by next year. So the President and the Malacañang boys must have panicked and they thought they should do something, something fast, to address this problem. Mantakin mo bumagsak lang ng konti…

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The ‘Matrix’ of Leila de Lima’s Dilemma – the Possible Truth behind her Persecution



What will happen if you go after powerful personalities here in the Philippines? I will show you here what will indeed happen, as well as why, when and how all the accusations against Senator Leila de Lima began.

  • During the administration of G.M.A, then Justice Secretary de Lima filed a case against Senator Panfilo Lacson for Dacer-Corbito murder case and ordered his arrest. She made the senator run as a fugitive for over a year, something that probably hurt the proud senator’s macho ego and therefore, something he probably never forgot. (According to Senator Miriam D. Santiago, he had been under the care of his alleged patron, Senator Juan P. Enrile during that time.)
  • After de Lima had Senators Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla (whom I shall – together with Lacson – call ‘the gang‘ hereafter) jailed for P.D.A.F. scam, Senator Lacson started to make his moves…

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The Best Defense for Senator Leila de Lima – the Proof of her Innocence


“I’m dedicating this blog to Senator de Lima for her untiring effort to give justice to the poor victims of extra-judicial killing.”640_ZZZ_080216_news_b_2016_08_02_17_09_38

This blog became one of the most trending blogs in the world. Thank you very much to all my valued readers.

Trend 1 Cut(I was driven to write this earnest defense for our beleaguered Senator Leila de Lima as many people, sadly including even some anti-administration people, believe this obviously trumped-up accusation – and a badly-scripted one at that – against this upright and honest lady who as a D.O.J secretary single-handedly charged more big political personalities than all the past D.O.J secretaries combined! I have already written about the full background of where all these accusations started so I will not repeat it here but if you haven’t still read it, it is a must read! please click the link below:


Here, you will know how, where and why…

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The Specter of Terrorism (State-sponsored?) – Will the President declare Martial Law? Let us Analyze


(Disclaimer: everything expressed in this blog is an opinion of the author and does not necessarily represent the truth.)

(Update: May 26. 2017)

Martial Law is Here! and I Predicted it Publicly few Hours before it was Declared Which Proves My Original Commentary was Correct

First, the proof of my predictions so you will believe what I’ve been warning here for months might indeed be true – and take note – not only did I predict this Martial Law but also the first Quiapo bombing.

I’ve been looking for a fake (state-sponsored) terrorist attack since about the time of Asean Leaders’ Summit here last month as I knew time was ripe for martial law. And when that scam terrorist attack came – the Maute attack in Marawi City, I knew the time has come. So with a sense of urgency, I sent out warnings to all the major news sites…

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