The sins of corruption of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte:

Bulan Observer

By Maria Luarca-Reyes

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My 2016 Presidential Candidate

The Magnificent Atty. Perez

I did not plan to tell people about who I would vote for the 2016 Presidential elections, primarily because I did not know who my candidate was either.  None of the current options are palatable to me.  All of them have gaping character shortcomings that I consider deal-breakers.  I also did not want to tell people because I do not personally believe in campaigning.  I want people to form their own minds, not because someone else influenced them into it, but because they felt that that person was the right choice.

But for the past few days, a lot of friends asked me who my candidate was.  It seemed that my opinion really mattered in helping them decide.  A part of me is flattered by it, while another wants to shake them up and remind them that I blog about showbiz and other inanities and am no role model in…

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